Occupy Harrisonburg’s Own Makes Big Impression on NPR

Proud of our key Harrisonburg occupier Ruth for her call-in to NPR’s On Point radio show last Friday, December 30 (her call begins at around 34 minutes) AND proud of the impact of our recently released Declaration.  We received great feedback on our blog from Nancy, a listener from Occupy Buffalo:

The woman from Harrisonburg said, and I wrote it down, “Money systematically nullifies the will of the people.” She said she was inspired by the Arab Spring to join the Occupy there in Harrisonburg. I printed out your declaration and took it to our Strategic Planning working group this afternoon, and everybody thought it was excellent. So since you say it’s okay, I’m going to present it at GA tomorrow at noon.

Jim sends this song along as a shout-out to Ruth:

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3 Comments on “Occupy Harrisonburg’s Own Makes Big Impression on NPR”

  1. Bob Bersson says:

    Yeah, Ruth. Good going! Occupy Harrisonburg goes national and international!! Outreach is central for us in 2012. Best, Bob

  2. Nice to hear the impact you’re having all the way to Buffalo, NY. :)

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